No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

28 October 2017....Unfortunately someone has chosen to copy/paste huge amounts from my old web pages....product information, receipes, soap making methods eg...and place this on the domain name I let go a few months ago. They can buy the domain name but that does not give access to my copyright material or the use of my registered business name.
If you go to that page it is not me you might be dealing with. The person hides behind a "disposable" email address

Oct 23, 2008

it is that time of year again

i love these little poppy heads
and wait for them to appear in a nearby garden
each year !!

i should grow them myself i suppose

Oct 17, 2008

the salt bars are very ........salty!!

a new critter

this fluffy toy is making its way around the world from soapmaker to soapmaker.
her name is Marcella and she has had a lot of adventures
..starting in the USA and into Canada.
Now she is in Australia.

today she was quite worn from her travels....
but not to be deterred... she climbed a bottle brush tree to get a bit of sun.
having exhaused herself she decided hung
out with dog for a bit to relax.
her arrival today was unexpected
so i will have to try and see where i can take her that might be amusing

she very kindly got on the old ironing board to sit with the new salt bars
.....and got a bit salty.
she is an easy guest and didnt complain

Oct 16, 2008

everyone is doing it

so i thought i had better try it

salt bars are sooooooo very up to the moment.
i have not been inclined to make any til today.

i will have to see how this one was no trouble at all
and went to its mould easily with no fuss.

tonight will see if it has worked ok .......or not.
i dont expect any problems

Oct 15, 2008

sometimes you find beautiful things when walking the dog

they are a bit out of focus but pretty never the less

Oct 12, 2008


the toy is large and already has had its arms split and they are oozing padding.

think the smaller ones are more dogs size

of critters

chewing the pine nuts and spitting them out in the driveway

dog got a new toy from the street pick up this afternoon. it was put out just as we went past and so I grabbed. it is as big as dog is and i think, despite its appeal, it is just tooooooo big for her to "kill" and have as much fun as she does with smaller "fluffies"

Oct 11, 2008

a few pics from the last week

some gum nuts at Brooklyn

my current favourite pot plant

a few boats at Brooklyn..........we we ate huge hamburgers and the dog had heaps of chips