No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

28 October 2017....Unfortunately someone has chosen to copy/paste huge amounts from my old web pages....product information, receipes, soap making methods eg...and place this on the domain name I let go a few months ago. They can buy the domain name but that does not give access to my copyright material or the use of my registered business name.
If you go to that page it is not me you might be dealing with. The person hides behind a "disposable" email address

Dec 25, 2009

some gift cards that my great aunt painted over 50 years ago....all done when her vision was very poor. She had made her living painting such cards...mainly from memory of Australian Wildflowers

For Susan .........a red colour that u might like to use one day

this is one of the colours i was speaking about.
it comes from another page way back in my blog.
look down the page for it.........a red topped soap.

you will have to copy and paste the link sorry

Dec 20, 2009

It is all gone

the soap called *sensual man* is gone except for a few bars i am keeping for the house. I rarely do that with any fragrance, but this one has been soo beautiful i just cant let it all go. the vanilla chips in it were a masterstroke addition.
people have really liked it, which is good of course .....but i cant repeat this batch as it had real West Australian sandlewood essential oil in it that i had hoarded for some years ........and it is all used up.
It had aged and mellowed beautifully that oil
I am not buying more. i will however make another blend using a fragrace oil.

Nov 1, 2009

some more soap that is for sale for Vinnies

this is a delightful fragrance that is a duplicate of a Crabtree and Evelynproduct
called "Summer Hill" 
                    thank you to "sassy diane" for the fragrance, which is now hard to get

available for sale
all gone now 

this is yet another version of Scent works *Provence"
 with its crispy clean fragrace
  available for sale

all gone now

this is a pretty pale yellow soap 
it is Scent -works "Zen tea "
which means that i made it to look nothing like tea but
in colours that appealed to me.
yellow with a pink top.
it is a soft and gentle unisex fragrance
available for sale
all gone now

and this is a bad photo of a pretty pink soap with white icing on top
it is Scentworks "Ume blossom"..or Chinese plum
another gentle flowery fragrace .
Wiki tells us that ....
The flowers have coloring ranging from white to rose to deep red. The leaves appear shortly after the petals fall. The leaves are oval, with a pointed tip. The fruit ripens in early summer

available for sale 

all gone now

Oct 26, 2009

some new soaps that smell divine,,,on sale for Vinnies

this is a mix of a soft femine fragrance and lemon myrtle EO

available for sale 
nearly all gone

this is called Sensual man and is a mix of sandlewood, lemon myrtle, orange and vanilla chips

available for sale
all gone now

this one is a soft feminine mix of citrus and flowers

 available for sale 
all gone now

 this one is rose and lavender

available for sale
a few left

Oct 11, 2009

poor dog has a ring worm right on her nose

it isnt bothering her which is good .
poor dog with another lot of medicine and some cream

you can see it on the left hand side of her face in this pic

a gift that came from the wilds of Inner Mongolia.
they are quite perfect for me and are the exact right size

Oct 9, 2009

belated pics of some soaps from about 2 weeks ago

this new format of blog confuses me and i cant label things correctly
anyway i can but try but it just isnt working well for me

these are all on sale for Vinnies

all gone now

there are only a couple of the vanilla ones left
and this is the last of my supply of that particular fragrance 

this first soap is Provence, a favourite of mine from Scent-works.
clean and fresh as always
done this time with a insert of blue with gold mica dusting

this a special soap for those who like pale and pretty with no fragrance.
people like me for example :-)

the next on is the one that sends me totally wild ..........
Vanigilia de reminds me of
a spiced up version of vanilla and chocolate. it  comes out
a dark glossy choc colour. Scary how tempting it is .:-)


.this  is of a  soap that  is a mix of a couple of Scent-works floraly fragrances
and made pretty pale with chunks

and just for perspective here is a pic of a plain all olive oil soap being blended
by the trusty stick blender. it has no colour or fragrance and will,
when finished, be virtually all white in colour
this pic is a bit dark but the oil is more off white than anything else at this stage

Sep 27, 2009

and from London and my sister yet more interesting things

the celebration of the end of Ramadan in Trafalgar Square

a rather large bird of prey 


I have sold all but a few bars of castile and goats milk.
new soaps will be ready in about 10 days as i did a few lots today with deep water discount
to have them ready early. i even did one log as a rather pretty non fragranced one
.... for those of us who like pretty but dont want a fragrance .
will make more soap  tomorrow if the dentist dosnt traumatise me too much.
today i did Vaniglia de madagascar...and went mad with the amount of fragrance .
it is one of Scent Works stronger fragrances so i will have a powerful vanilla fragrance on my hands!!!
another was Scents works "Provence" and the other fragranced one was Scentworks Pink Peony.
can you tell i like to use Scent works???
i had a couple of soaps i really liked........a creamy rose which was regular rose but done in a pale orangy yellow, and a mix of lemon myrtle and a flower fragrance (the latter again from Scent-works).
they too are all gone 

so we had a dust storm

that i dont believe i really "heard" the warnings of. if i had i would have closed up the house and made preperations LOL.
i am still cleaning up and will continue to do so for a while i expect as more little pockets of red are found.
growning up in Hillston is good preparation for dust storms.

this pic is taken from Westfield at Hornsby looking over the highway toward the rail line

this is looking toward the Hornsby shopping centre from near the hospital

an electricity pole on the highway

these bottom two shots are from the outside of my house looking toward and to the side of  the sunrise 

Sep 23, 2009

yesterday i went here for the first time in a loooong time.

RPAHospital  as seen on the TV show !!

A four year part of my history was spent there doing my hospital based nursing training.
it is so enormously changed with some of the fascinating old buildings long gone.
the main two named for Prince Albert and one for Queen Victoria remain but not in the format i knew.
both pavillions were being renovated but i grabbed a few pics anyway.

the first pic  shown here is the "A block" with Albert watching over all that occurs in the very busy streets around

the main entry remains as it was but with the addition of some seating and a less austere atmosphere. the stained glass windows
interesting now as they ever were.
i couldnt photograph it as it was covered in scaffolding

Victoria has her own window  ...pictured here

this is Victoria's side of the building with her on top in all her green verdis glory . dont know what the rooms are now, but this part of the building was referred to as the "Vic block" and was full of patients, while  the block at the right hand end was the pathology labs