No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

28 October 2017....Unfortunately someone has chosen to copy/paste huge amounts from my old web pages....product information, receipes, soap making methods eg...and place this on the domain name I let go a few months ago. They can buy the domain name but that does not give access to my copyright material or the use of my registered business name.
If you go to that page it is not me you might be dealing with. The person hides behind a "disposable" email address

Dec 25, 2009

some gift cards that my great aunt painted over 50 years ago....all done when her vision was very poor. She had made her living painting such cards...mainly from memory of Australian Wildflowers

For Susan .........a red colour that u might like to use one day

this is one of the colours i was speaking about.
it comes from another page way back in my blog.
look down the page for it.........a red topped soap.

you will have to copy and paste the link sorry

Dec 20, 2009

It is all gone

the soap called *sensual man* is gone except for a few bars i am keeping for the house. I rarely do that with any fragrance, but this one has been soo beautiful i just cant let it all go. the vanilla chips in it were a masterstroke addition.
people have really liked it, which is good of course .....but i cant repeat this batch as it had real West Australian sandlewood essential oil in it that i had hoarded for some years ........and it is all used up.
It had aged and mellowed beautifully that oil
I am not buying more. i will however make another blend using a fragrace oil.