No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

28 October 2017....Unfortunately someone has chosen to copy/paste huge amounts from my old web pages....product information, receipes, soap making methods eg...and place this on the domain name I let go a few months ago. They can buy the domain name but that does not give access to my copyright material or the use of my registered business name.
If you go to that page it is not me you might be dealing with. The person hides behind a "disposable" email address

Nov 29, 2008

I went to Stanwell Park for a vintage plane flypast...

Connie and a DC 3
the planes were from Albion Park
and there was meant to be another plane
apparenly but they didnt have another pilot we got two and it was still great

it would have been nice if i had decent long distance lens

the coast is beautiful and the new coast road is visible
tho you can see nothing of nothing as you drive along it.
It was a bit of a disappointment really tho i admire it from the distance

Everleigh Railway Yards....
being renovated and rebuilt

a Darlington Terrace

well i messed with all the blog layour colours

and then went and took more flower pics to make myself feel better cause i didnt get the blog right

a tree just up the road

i cant resist these part opened flowers

i hate these old style Bouganvillia bushes with a passion
........but am surrounded by them, of the loooooooooong thorns.
we had these bushes when i was kid and they are lethal. had one in an earlier house
........and still didnt like it. son nearly got spiked to death
by the huge /monster bush there
i do like the smaller plants that have been developed more recently,
with the more gentle colours

again a neighbours garden

the footpath up the street.........full of jacaranda flowers that have come down in the rain

i wish this was my white agapanthus but it is Lurls

Nov 28, 2008

sunrise over Malaysia

again... sadly.... not my photo

and the eldest nephew

looking dapper in London
looks like his mothers luggage tho

Lillian Frazer Garden

is just up the street from me.
it is a calm and peaceful spot

dog resting

we do have some green grass sometimes in some places

These photos were both taken on the road to Ballina last year.
just a little bit of jackarand tree coming in to bloom

Nov 25, 2008

Highgate Cemetry in London

the closed section....... and Marx's grave .
very Marx looking i guess ??

sadly not my photos...they were taken by a family member

Bruges in Belgium

taken by a family member on a recent trip

with and without mist ........a pic of an old lake area

very beautiful i think

Nov 15, 2008

today was a blue blue purpley day

first i took some pics of the jacaranda trees around my few streets

the i took a series of the development of an agapanthus flower.
there are hoardes of them around here

the colours of both flowers are about the most beautiful blue that has been created

Nov 8, 2008

a sunset tonight

a mosque seen last weekend