No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

Dec 26, 2008

a bit of soap and a cropped pic of a hydrangea ..with a sigle jacaranda petal lying on it

this one is goats milk made with mixed oils and looking pretty pale which i like.
sometimes the soap is a bit darker..depends at which temperatures i work

this is a Castile made with only olive oil


France said...

Gorgeous soap, gorgeous hydrangeas... now... Jacarandas... are those the big beautiful purple trees???

Dianes Naturally said...

France ...yes
those are the most divine trees...i have several pics of them thro my blog as i take some each year usually.
that was just a part flower that i found in the pic when i processed it :-)