No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

28 October 2017....Unfortunately someone has chosen to copy/paste huge amounts from my old web pages....product information, receipes, soap making methods eg...and place this on the domain name I let go a few months ago. They can buy the domain name but that does not give access to my copyright material or the use of my registered business name.
If you go to that page it is not me you might be dealing with. The person hides behind a "disposable" email address

Apr 18, 2012

so we moved and ..........................

from the time this concept was first conceived things did not go as planned.
at no point ever.
this is just one reason why.
they appeared 8 days into our new residence.

there were some great positives like the real estate agent who sold our house for us in one day back on the market.....thanks Dawn.
The great removalist guys.........Jason and Shane......who worked so hard all day...
 but who i suspect underestimated the sheer volume of one  parties collection of stuffs.
the endless boxes of stuffs. totally endless.
most of all there was Jen who helped me pack and who organized me
 when my mind was chaos.
 who never failed to get everything back on track and tightly clad in boxes...
 which were  taped and labelled  immaculately.
There was Allan the physio who sorted out my neck and back..
 so that when the day came and we finally the drama and stresses increased
.......the pain levels went down.
that is some miracle.

the least said about the actual process around the sale......the better.
i have bought and sold 6 times now and never have i had such a drama.
drama unto the last minute 
part of it was due to a very senior moment i had and which caused a problem.
 other stuff........well it just happened. 
the tension on the last day waiting to see if the deal would *settle * before Easter forgotten. it is like know the pain  occurred ....
but  you tend to prefer to 
simply see the end result of the effort, than to dwell on the pain of the process.
 which seems extreme in relation to any possible positives attached to the outcome. 

now i am here i can see the light at the end of the tunnel after 2 weeks
of delays on fixing up what will be a great soapmaking area.
 pity about the man who was supposed to lay the floor.
he stood me up twice with no explanation.
must be good money in floor laying to turn ones
 nose up at what i would have thought were well paid  jobs like that
a pity that i decided that the bench was too long and needed to be made smaller.
 that seems to take time :-) Poor Kyle...he is patient and thoughtful.
it is great that i have some better electrical connections and lights.

pity about the cement dust that got into everything and caused me to wash
most non nailed down items.......which resulted in one pillow
 spilling its white fluffy guts into the pump of the washing machine.
i hope the new machine will serve me well !!!!

pity about the endless rain of the last few days

most of all ........a pity about the creatures we have found on the back deck....
 and down the back wall.
killa katerpillaz. 
truly revolting

this lot on the side of a small stairway

a few between the bricks

9 huge handfuls of them in 3 days.
they creep me out endlessly as they are silent and swift to congregate in places
that they were not in 5 mins before.
reportedly existing between us and next door is a brush turkey,
a lyre bird (fabulous) and green tree snakes. i had NO idea that green
tree snakes lived in this part of the world. i thought they were in tropical
places only the Daintree where i have seen them.

my neighbours are kindly and friendly........something i am so glad to have again.
the gum trees are monstrous, the leaves endless....

 and the unpacking (in my sector) is nearly over.
just need some new shelving and i am done.....after the soaping area  is done !!!!!!

the telstra man even hooked up our cable internet .......effeciently and on time.
much to my suprise. great speeds too !!.

it is a pleasant area even tho, as i keep saying, it is half way to Newcastle !!!

i leave much out of this drama filled story........ being aware of the benefits
 of not using some peoples names .
i just dont get how it has all  been beset by so many negatives.
suffice to say i will not move again in a hurry , will be glad to be finally sorted 
in about a month. i do miss Pennant Hills as much
 as i enjoy  the friendliness that has always been the way of Westleigh.
pity it is so far from the railway station.

.and yes i will go over and learn the
mysteries of the bright red shiny fire fighting equipment over the road.
it is a very high risk fire area so it is prudent  to know
 what to do with the gear

there is a LOT of garden again (sigh) to be sorted.
not as bad as gardens in my past......but largish never the less.
there is lavender about which i am happy.
and monster gums......about which i am not happy.
some fruit trees which the previous owner used for marmelade.
pity i tossed all my jars before leaving!!!!

there has to be time now to destress, take stock of life
 ........and critically to make some soap as soon as my space is ready.
i am about out of any stock except Castile

dog is enjoying her new garden but will not leave my side. just  in case i send
her to the vet for boarding  again so she wont keep barking at, and trying to herd, the removalists.
in case she gets released to find her familiar home.........all gone.
replaced by a comparative veritable jungle with many spots to hide bones 

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