No more soap sales + being copied

I have discontinued soap sales, at least temporarily. I have had a lot of fun over 18 years making soap and meeting so many other interesting people. Thank you everyone .
Maybe I will get back to it again later, but meanwhile I will be making only for personal use and gifting..

Apr 11, 2006

Why is this blog here?

I am not really sure
I just know that I cant update my own web page and somedays I feel like putting some soap pictures here when i make the soap and before it leaves home.
I should be learning about web page design I suppose.
Maybe next year..maybe
So I am thinking that I will eventually point my web page to this blog and eliminate most of my web page
But who knows??
I am not making soap as much as I used to as last year I gave up the markets I had done for the past 6 years.
It is more a fun thing for me now and there is no need for so much soap to be created.
I do wholesale accounts and some retail and that seems to be as much as I want to do.

Here people can maybe come and have a look at some soap I have in stock at any given time... and decide what they want and I can just make what i feel like making.
That is if i work out how to put in a photo...I think my Netscape is seriously ill despite so many new downloads. Mind you the computer is no better.
We shall see what we see i suppose. I may not even keep this blog up.
I already spend too much time on the internet talking with other soapmakers.
A blog is not going to keep me off my computer is it??

Soap has been the one creative thing i have managed to do in this lifetime, so I need to keep doing that as I really do enjoy the pleasure of creating colours and fragrances that will bring pleasure to other people and be so wonderful to use. I cant knit or sew or mend or paint and cooking bores me i suppose i had better keep making soap !!

My main problem is that i dont write with capitals and it pings people off no end to have writings with no capitals I guess I am going to have to change my ways

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